Thursday, May 23, 2013

Personalised Canisters for Birthday

 1) Theme: disney  donald duck

 2) Theme: disney minnie mouse

 3) Theme: Pororo the Little penguin

 4) Theme: Hello Kitty

 5) Theme: Oggy & the Cocroaches

6) Theme: Thomas&Friends

Personalise Canisters for Engagement & Solemnisation

 1) Theme: Purple Paisley damask

2) Theme: Lilac Floral 

Personalised Canisters for Aqiqah

 1) for baby girl..Theme: Lilac

 2) Theme: Carebear

3) Theme: Baby Mickey Mouse 
with baby Fareeq's photo

4) Theme: Baby Minnie Mouse 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Standing DATES

We do STANDING DATES as well..its perfect for your birthday, wedding@engagement, anniversary, 1st date ♥ or any other special dates!! DATES are important, so lets keep remember 'em :)

Long way to go, but they have placed the order now!

Congrats in advance to the love birds..:)
Standing wedding dates.

Measurement : 150mm ht.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Canister for Ramadhan & Aidilfitri

Canister ini juga sgt sesuai sbg pemberian ikhlas atau buah tgn sempena menyambut Ramadhan & Aidilfitri yg bakal menjelma tak lama lagi..ia bole diisi dgn biskut, kurma, bauhulu dll.menngikut kemahuan masing2..label pada canister adalah personalized, anda bole request tema konsep dan juga warna..

 also perfect as gift for HARI RAYA to your beloved ones..also suitable for your items in hampers!!
hamper makers..orderm 'em now !:)

 available in 3 sizes: S, M L


Friday, April 19, 2013

Marshmallow Set

isnt it sweety?marshmallow in a cutie container with pretty deco..
u can simply request for your theme colour..and d gift are all set for your respective guests:)


Embroidered Towel

Another personalized gift - Embroidered Towel

Suitable for: newborn, baby shower, wedding, birthday,doorgift, personal use and etc.

Besides on towel, embroidery can also be done on tshirt,pillowcase,baby rompers, cushion, cloth and others