Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Doorgift - Natural Scent

Hi to all my beloved viewers out there!!
Just to share with u guyz..I brainstormed to create a doorgift made from natural scent..instead of potpouri which is very common nowadays, i can say..hehe
..and so, i came out with the idea of creating 'em using spices n herbs..e.g cinnamon (kayu manis), star anise (bunga lawang), clover (bunga cengkih) and betel nuts (buah pinang).. smells so good !!..its kinda aromatheraphy for u also...:P
We can do the deco according to your theme color..thank you tag is included..
anyone interested,please feel free to contact us ya!
Jaselina @ 012 -7365014

Sunday, November 15, 2009

If your engagement or wedding falls on 1st January 2010, you are entitle for a great discount on hantaran package and hand bouquet..Limited to first 5 person only..
So,hurry grab these offer and book now!
Let Syiraz Lil Cottage be a part of your special day :)
For further details, email/sms/call/ym us:
YM! syiraz_lil_cottage

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Turquoise Sireh Junjung & Hand Bouquet

Sireh Junjung themed turquoise&white done for As from Kempas,Johor..
Thank you As...Am happy u love it so much!
Selamat Pengantin Baru:)

Hand Bouquet using only turquoise chrysanthemums only for you! :)



YM! syiraz_lil_cottage

Friday, November 13, 2009

Soap in wooden box

Here's a gift suitable for your vip/maintable..2 pcs heart-shaped soap in a wooden box ( comes in 2 colours :brown and off white)
The box itself is already nice & presentable, so we just need to add in a simple deco to it..
We can do other deco for u..based on your theme colour and budget.

For further details n enquiries, drop us an email/text/call/ym k..

012 7365014
YM! syiraz_lil_cottage


Hello everyone!!
Candle holder at limited units availabe for sale..Only 2 colours available..fuschia pink and orange...complete with deco (as picture below)..material: thick glass (worth buying)..
U must be wondering wat shall u fill it with rite? let me suggest to u k:) If you're looking for a doorgift for ur guest, here are some tips: chocolates/sweets/candies and of course a boiled egg can easily fit in there..on the other hand, u can also use it as deco for ur room,table etc..all u have to do is just light up the candle in the glass..and...u'll see the light effect!! :P
So hurry,while stock last..feel free to text/call/email/ym!
YM! syiraz_lil_cottage

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bunga Telur - Mini Teddy

Bunga telur -mini teddy for your baby's aqiqah/majlis cukur jambul...Done for Mimi from Taman Perling,JB for her lovely daughter, Maisara..Theme was cream n pink...

Colours can be changed upon request..other than cream mini teddy with pink bow(as above), we have cream mini teddy with blue bow,brown teddy,pink teddy and also blue teddy..all seem very cute:) Make ur choice ya!
012-736 5014
YM! syiraz_lil_cottage

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hand Bouquet - Heart Hydrangeas

Hand Bouquet using only hydrangeas ,purple and pink..done for Aisyah for her wedding day at Kuantan..Thanks Aisyah,nice dealing with u!

((Can't take my eyes off it :P Such a lil cutie hydrangeas))

...thats her and her hubby..lovely couple:)

YM! syiraz_lil_cottage

Hantaran-Purple Calla Lily & Baby Daisy

Hantaran using purple calla liles and baby daisies on white anyam tray, done for Aisyah from Kuantan..I can correctly guess her favourite colour...:) Yes..its PURPLE! On the day i met her ,she was wearing purple 1suite baju kurung and tudung..and she absolutely look sweet n pretty(can't deny)..hehe..and so..the theme colour for her B-Day is for sure purple!!

Thank you so much for giving me ur fullest trust and freedom to design n decorate ur hantaran and hand bouquet..Congratulations n Selamat Pengantin Baru ya:)

Jaselina @ 012-7365014

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lime Green Hantaran

First of all, thanks a lot to Ikmal and his mom, not forgetting his fiancee-to-be, Nadiah for choosing Syiraz Lil Cottage..Really nice to know all of ya:)
To Ikmal & Nadiah: Congratulations on ur engagement! Can't wait to see your pix..

A combination of lime green roses n hydrangeas from Ikmal(PJ) to Nadiah(Perak)..have a safe journey ya...Enjoy!
Lime green anyone? :)
012-736 5014
YM! syiraz_lil_cottage

VIP/Main table gift

Silver iron basket for vip/main table gift..
Perfectly fit egg,chocs/sweets,cookies,potpouri and etc..
Easy to carry and the shape is something different from the one we've seen before aight?:)

without deco

with deco - potpouri (theme red&pink)

with deco - potpouri (theme purple)

Dulang Hantaran - White Cleopatra Set

Especially for white lover/fan, here's our latest white tray for hantaran called 'White Cleopatra Set'..made fr metal and the design is really unique! I just can't stop thinking of it,and finally ive decided to own 'em & share its beauty with all of u out there especially to the one planning to have a great-look hantaran! hehe..Have a look at urself ya..:)

8 units available- tray 'berkaki'
can be used with or without dulang pahar

Place ur order/booking now! :)
YM! syiraz_lil_cottage

Monday, November 9, 2009

Dulang Hantaran - Silver Tray Set

Hello peeps!! Here are our new silver set for dulang hantaran..
Consist of :
3 hexagon tray (L)
5 hexagon tray (M)
2 rectangular tray (L)
1 hexagon box with lid
2 boxes (S&L)
Anyone interested,plz feel free to contact ya..
ym! syiraz_lil_cottage