Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hantaran-Purple Calla Lily & Baby Daisy

Hantaran using purple calla liles and baby daisies on white anyam tray, done for Aisyah from Kuantan..I can correctly guess her favourite colour...:) Yes..its PURPLE! On the day i met her ,she was wearing purple 1suite baju kurung and tudung..and she absolutely look sweet n pretty(can't deny)..hehe..and so..the theme colour for her B-Day is for sure purple!!

Thank you so much for giving me ur fullest trust and freedom to design n decorate ur hantaran and hand bouquet..Congratulations n Selamat Pengantin Baru ya:)

Jaselina @ 012-7365014


  1. Its so sWeet n look Classy!!

  2. kak jes...

    time kaseh banyak2 wat hantaran n bunge tgn tuk sya.. mmg cantik sangat2.. sya n hubby suke hasil gubahan akak..

  3. Semoga k'jes dpt m'hasilkan gubahan yg lebih baik n cantik lagi pada mase mendatang.. time kaseh akak.