Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cinderella Pumpkin/Carriage for Hantaran

Hello everyone:)
We are about to say goodbye to 2009 and welcome to 2010..Alhamdulillah, year 2009 is very meaningful to us..everything went smoothly as planned..we successfully completed every task and job assigned to us with high satisfaction and we did enjoyed each and every moment of it...BIG THANKS to all of our customers for their deepest support and trust towards Syiraz Lil Cottage through out the year..and for the year 2010, insyaallah we will come out with new,exciting,attractive and challenging ideas just for U! Stay tune with Syiraz Lil Cottage:)
..and now we would love to introduce our latest set for hantaran..
it is so unique,lovely and just can't afford to blink your eyes looking at it..huhu:)
picture above is the sneak preview for Hazrynn's hantaran ..we will be posting more pictures soon...enjoy!:)
anyone interested to use this cinderella pumpkin/carriage for hantaran,please do not hesitate to contact us ya..

Hantaran for Alia & Azmi

Here's hantaran done for Alia from Damansara..and its actually my final job for the month and also for the year 2009..huh..time flies so fast..oh! we just have few days left before entering 2010...

anyway, the theme color was peach and green using the black tray..concept was of course english ( the reason why Lia choosed Syiraz Lil Cottage) hehe..Thank you sooo much for including us to be part of your special day:)

..on the other hand, the theme colour for hantaran from Azmi to Alia was green and white,using white treasure cage..i noticed, it has been the favourite sets to anyone who chooses green and white theme for their wedding..yup! it has the english garden look :)

Congratulations and Selamat Pengantin Baru to Alia & Azmi..

p/s:regards to Ida ya..TQ to her as well:)

Jaselina@ 012-7365014

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hantaran - Orange&Pink

Orange & Pink themed hantaran from Apiz to his lovely wife Acum..
(both are from Mersing,Johor)
At the begining of our discussion,Acum has no idea on theme,i proposed to her to try on orange&pink using brown wooden tray..without saying much,Acum said yes! :)
and here's the final result on how it looks...
the hantaran speaks by itself rite? :)
Acum was really happy and can't wait to take back the hantaran to Mersing..hehe
TQ Acum and it was nice dealing with you..

..these were the potpourri made by us,
using 5 decorated orange containers + 2 decorated pink containers..

Mas Kawin -Hand Bouquet

Orange&Pink anyone??

Jaselina @ 012-7365014

Hantaran - White Feather

Hantaran done for Acum from Mersing,Johor..She is in love with white!!
everything seems to be white on her wedding day..her nikah outfit,reception outfit,decorations for the wedding itself and obviously her hantaran which to be presented to her beloved hubby is also white! her concept is more towards english i came out with the idea on adding in a hint of green to the white create the 'new' look,i add on white feathers :)
*wink wink*

The tepak sireh..covered with white lace,pearls and diamond
*tepak sireh is available for rent* what i told u earlier,the owner of these hantaran loves white..and u can clearly see here..the stuffs itself,belt&wallet and watch are in white+silver..:) and for the potpourri, we made it for her..using silver epal shaped containers..

..and the rest of the stuffs were toblorone & hersheys chocolate,polo shirt and perfume set..
and the best part of if..the white feathers:) *i just love the idea* hehe

Thank you Acum...Congratulations!

Anyone interested,please email or call me ya!

Hantaran - Lovely Pastel

Hi everyone!
These hantaran was done for Lin fr Semenyih (sounds familiar?) yeah,she did her engagement hantaran from us 1 year ago..and for her Big Day, she gave her total trust to us, to decorate her hantaran again..A big thanks to Lin *hugs* for your support!

We wanted to try on something pastel using the silver set tray..and after i knew her theme was soft blue and cream, i suggested on something blue,cream and soft pink or peachy..She immediately agreed with the theme which i suggested to her earlier...and later on she told me her nikah outfit will be soft,she was really excited n looking forward to see her hantaran..and here it is gal:)

...overall the hantaran looks pretty sweet and nice..glad she like it so much..she was saying that the color is soft,sweet and dreamy:) something different from the colors u may always see :P

pastel anyone? :)
Jaselina @ 012-7365014

Hantaran-Purple Orchids

Congratulations to Iema and Iskandar!
Iema is such a lovely girl..i noticed that she's a reserved type..:) we don't have any problems during our discussion and eveything seems to be smooth from the begining till the end..
TQ Iema:)
Theme for the hantaran was purple and gold..and this time,we used purple orchids as the main flower...

Orchids anyone? We manage to do other color orchids based on your theme..
Jaselina @ 012-7365014

Pink Fresh Flowers Hantaran for Ryia

Here's another pink hantaran for the month..
done for Ryia Illani from Tmn.Mutiara Rini,JB.. theme was pink and white..using a combination of pink carnation and various tone of pink roses as the main flowers...

Sireh Junjung

Wedding band for Ryia's hubby

...i was very happy that Ryia loves the hantaran so much ..deep inside i do lovee it too..hehe..everything planned has became reality..alhamdulillah:)
Thank you dear, for choosing Syiraz Lil Cottage!!

Congratulations and Selamat Pengantin Baru!!


Engagement Hantaran for Along

to my dear viewers,customers and friends...
sorry for the late updates ya...was really packed with hantaran&deco orders..alhamdulillah we managed to settle each n every orders on time..and most important, every piece of it was done nicely and beautifully,with passion of course!! hehe
Here's hantaran done for Along's engagement from Pasir Gudang,JB on 12.12.2009..Along is very lucky to have a mum like Pn.Norly..very understanding and sporting..
Pn.Norly and I discussed over abt the the hantaran theme.. and finally she decided on pink+white+purple..
Other than that,she leave it to me..tq for giving me the freedom to decorate ur son's hantaran ya:)

Sireh Junjung

..and here's the outcome..:) a combination of pink,white and purple..
Congratulations to Along and fiancee!!
and again..thank u so much kak..nice knowing u..:)

Jaselina@ 012-7365014

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hantaran - Azreen & Apai

salam and greetings to all :)
if anyone of u out there intend to have a something-new theme color for your wedding day..u may always consult us ya:) We would love to suggest you and its our pleasure to work on something new..and came up with something different just for u!:)
What we have here now..theme black and gold...these hantaran belongs to Azreen from Bangi..the 1st time i met her..i was like...urmm..lovely girl..and her fiancee? good looking as well..kira padan la both of em:) very nice couple..tak cerewet langsung..~but i dun mind to have cerewet customers okay...i can take it,no problem..insyaallah..:)
Azreen did mentioned to me..that she likes 2 color combination...meaning..not so much color involved...then the rest of it ,she leave it to me...:) TQ for believe in me! hehe

and...her fiancee decided on red&white theme for his wife..using our new white tray..called it as white cleopatra set..yeah..its red and white again..(this is our 3rd set doing red&white in december)..can't deny its always been d' all time favourite colour...hehe..and i admit the color combination is marvellous!!

and im pretty sure..some of you out there are planning on red&white wedding also rite??huhu
more on red and white... coming up soon....check it out ya:)

Jaselina @ 012-7365014

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Red&White Fresh Flowers for Dina

Hello peeps!!
Here's another red and white wedding...this time, we use white lilies, (beautiful fresh ones) :P... besides the stunning red roses for Dina's hantaran..
DINA is from Taman Universiti,Skudai,JB...personally she is sooo nice...soft spoken,easy-to-deal with..and she gave me her total trust in designing and decorating her so happy! i was looking forward to work on it..(sgt tak sabar)and alhamdulillah she loves the outcome very much..both the hantaran !..TQ Dina..*muahz*
Congratulations to Dina & Raziz:)

Dina during her sweet...:) her dimples make her look even sweeter!!
(yeah,i noticed that dear..hehe)

Check it out next!!! From Raziz to Dina:)

Hantaran - Gorgeous Hydrangeas

Theme was blue,white and silver...From Raziz to his beloved wifey, Dina..
I personally love this hantaran..the blue hydrangeas,the gerberas,the smell,the look..
overall it looks gorgeous!!
Thanks again to Dina..Really appreciate your supportive compliments :D

Sireh Junjung

Wedding Ring & Mas Kawin

Perfume Set

Quran & Telekung

Girl's stuffs cupcakes & Hersheys
Jaselina @ 012-7365014

Congratulations Riya & Zahurin

Maroon and white hantaran on Gold Tray, done for Riya from Kg.Melayu Majidee,JB..
Thank you so much for the choosing Syiraz Lil Cottage,and it was nice working u Riya!

Sireh Junjung

TQ for liking those simple word from Riya's mouth as she saw the hantaran..'molek'..(hubby nye org Kelantan) hehe:)
Selamat Pengantin Baru ya!

Hantaran- Asmirah&Ustaz Hakim

Salam n greetings to all viewers n customers..
Alhamdulillah ..i managed to complete my job on time during last weekend..a tiring week (month actually)..but it was fun and i really enjoyed working on each n every single task..
i just love it:)
Below were the hantaran done for Asmirah from Kempas,JB...She just can't wait to collect her hantaran..glad she like both the hantaran..the green&white and also the red& white theme from her hubby..glad she like it so much *phew*

Green & white hantaran for the sireh junjung it was my bad..that i accidently deleted the pic from my camera :(
sorry mira!!..and so, here is the pic of sireh junjung using the cage with the same theme, green and white...which i have done for my previous customer,Dayana.. get the idea??

p/s:mira,if u have a pic of it,please give it to me ya...would appreciate it dear!

and these red n white theme hantaran is from hubby to mira..a few words abt mira? a very soft spoken lady..sangat sesuai dipadan dengan En. Ustaz yg stylish n ranggi..heheh(jgn marah ek:)..Congratulations and Selamat Pengantin Baru!

Sireh Junjung red & white theme

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pink & Red Wedding

Hantaran done for Liya from Klang..using pink and red roses + white cutie berries on silver modern tray..Glad u lurve it dear..:) Thank you for choosing Syiraz Lil Cottage..
Congratulations and Selamat Pengantin Baru to Liya&Farid!

Red&White Room Deco

Special thanks to Liya, for her order on room deco items..Her wedding theme was pink&red...but for the deco she requested on red&white since her room was all in pink!.. bed sheet,curtain etc..hehe..i bet pink is her fav clr eh..:) she did told me that the only thing she couldnt make it pink was the wall...lack of time to paint it! it remains white:)

Here's are some item used to deco d' room:

a) Hanging potpourri -to deco door knobs, cupboard/drawer hook

b) Decorated basket - to be placed on dressing table/sidetable

c) Bed flowers

Jaselina @ 012-7365014

The Yellow Day

hi everyone!
would like to share pictures of this special moment with all of u out there..theme was yellow n white..a simple one,but very sweet and meaningful:)
such a lovely couple..bagai pinang di belah dua..hehe
semoga berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat..amin..
The solemnisation ceremony

above are some of the hantaran from ima to salleh..
liles are the main flowers for the wedding..

the bride n bridegroom entering the hall

hand bouquet - yellow & white lilies + hydrangeas

3-tier wedding cake+cupcakes
Jaselina @ 012-7365014