Monday, December 7, 2009

Hantaran - Azreen & Apai

salam and greetings to all :)
if anyone of u out there intend to have a something-new theme color for your wedding day..u may always consult us ya:) We would love to suggest you and its our pleasure to work on something new..and came up with something different just for u!:)
What we have here now..theme black and gold...these hantaran belongs to Azreen from Bangi..the 1st time i met her..i was like...urmm..lovely girl..and her fiancee? good looking as well..kira padan la both of em:) very nice couple..tak cerewet langsung..~but i dun mind to have cerewet customers okay...i can take it,no problem..insyaallah..:)
Azreen did mentioned to me..that she likes 2 color combination...meaning..not so much color involved...then the rest of it ,she leave it to me...:) TQ for believe in me! hehe

and...her fiancee decided on red&white theme for his wife..using our new white tray..called it as white cleopatra set..yeah..its red and white again..(this is our 3rd set doing red&white in december)..can't deny its always been d' all time favourite colour...hehe..and i admit the color combination is marvellous!!

and im pretty sure..some of you out there are planning on red&white wedding also rite??huhu
more on red and white... coming up soon....check it out ya:)

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  1. Thanx jess... your touch is REALLY GREAT!!! tak nyesal travel 3x tempat u.. hee worth for money.. tq again jess for such a lovely hantaran.. u reallty make MY BiG DAY purrfect!!