Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hantaran - White Feather

Hantaran done for Acum from Mersing,Johor..She is in love with white!!
everything seems to be white on her wedding day..her nikah outfit,reception outfit,decorations for the wedding itself and obviously her hantaran which to be presented to her beloved hubby is also white! her concept is more towards english i came out with the idea on adding in a hint of green to the white create the 'new' look,i add on white feathers :)
*wink wink*

The tepak sireh..covered with white lace,pearls and diamond
*tepak sireh is available for rent* what i told u earlier,the owner of these hantaran loves white..and u can clearly see here..the stuffs itself,belt&wallet and watch are in white+silver..:) and for the potpourri, we made it for her..using silver epal shaped containers..

..and the rest of the stuffs were toblorone & hersheys chocolate,polo shirt and perfume set..
and the best part of if..the white feathers:) *i just love the idea* hehe

Thank you Acum...Congratulations!

Anyone interested,please email or call me ya!

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