Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hantaran - Lovely Pastel

Hi everyone!
These hantaran was done for Lin fr Semenyih (sounds familiar?) yeah,she did her engagement hantaran from us 1 year ago..and for her Big Day, she gave her total trust to us, to decorate her hantaran again..A big thanks to Lin *hugs* for your support!

We wanted to try on something pastel using the silver set tray..and after i knew her theme was soft blue and cream, i suggested on something blue,cream and soft pink or peachy..She immediately agreed with the theme which i suggested to her earlier...and later on she told me her nikah outfit will be soft,she was really excited n looking forward to see her hantaran..and here it is gal:)

...overall the hantaran looks pretty sweet and nice..glad she like it so much..she was saying that the color is soft,sweet and dreamy:) something different from the colors u may always see :P

pastel anyone? :)
Jaselina @ 012-7365014

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