Sunday, December 6, 2009

Red&White Fresh Flowers for Dina

Hello peeps!!
Here's another red and white wedding...this time, we use white lilies, (beautiful fresh ones) :P... besides the stunning red roses for Dina's hantaran..
DINA is from Taman Universiti,Skudai,JB...personally she is sooo nice...soft spoken,easy-to-deal with..and she gave me her total trust in designing and decorating her so happy! i was looking forward to work on it..(sgt tak sabar)and alhamdulillah she loves the outcome very much..both the hantaran !..TQ Dina..*muahz*
Congratulations to Dina & Raziz:)

Dina during her sweet...:) her dimples make her look even sweeter!!
(yeah,i noticed that dear..hehe)

Check it out next!!! From Raziz to Dina:)


  1. jazz thank u so muucchh!! for the "gorgeous" hantaran..sangat n en.suami sgt suka!!! :)

  2. tq dina n en.suami..:) i pun suke bangat!!.hehe