Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hantaran- Asmirah&Ustaz Hakim

Salam n greetings to all viewers n customers..
Alhamdulillah ..i managed to complete my job on time during last weekend..a tiring week (month actually)..but it was fun and i really enjoyed working on each n every single task..
i just love it:)
Below were the hantaran done for Asmirah from Kempas,JB...She just can't wait to collect her hantaran..glad she like both the hantaran..the green&white and also the red& white theme from her hubby..glad she like it so much *phew*

Green & white hantaran for the sireh junjung it was my bad..that i accidently deleted the pic from my camera :(
sorry mira!!..and so, here is the pic of sireh junjung using the cage with the same theme, green and white...which i have done for my previous customer,Dayana.. get the idea??

p/s:mira,if u have a pic of it,please give it to me ya...would appreciate it dear!

and these red n white theme hantaran is from hubby to mira..a few words abt mira? a very soft spoken lady..sangat sesuai dipadan dengan En. Ustaz yg stylish n ranggi..heheh(jgn marah ek:)..Congratulations and Selamat Pengantin Baru!

Sireh Junjung red & white theme


  1. thanks a lot make our beautiful hantaran...memang cantik..ramai puji..hu3..terima kasih atas idea yg memang besh..

  2. thank u jas... u mmg kreatif tak rugi buat dgn hubby pun puas ati...paling cantik sirih junjung u sampaikan ada yg cari sirih junjung tapi tak jumpa...

    p/s ustaz tu mmg ranggi n stylish selalu....hehe...send my regards to ur beautiful daughter...aina..
    with love mira...

  3. thank u very much mira&hubby:)appreciate it!!