Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Red&White Room Deco

Special thanks to Liya, for her order on room deco items..Her wedding theme was pink&red...but for the deco she requested on red&white since her room was all in pink!.. bed sheet,curtain etc..hehe..i bet pink is her fav clr eh..:) she did told me that the only thing she couldnt make it pink was the wall...lack of time to paint it!..huh...so it remains white:)

Here's are some item used to deco d' room:

a) Hanging potpourri -to deco door knobs, cupboard/drawer hook

b) Decorated basket - to be placed on dressing table/sidetable

c) Bed flowers

Jaselina @ 012-7365014


1 comment:

  1. Tq sekali lagi...

    Suka sangat2 untuk semuanya... dan yg paling suka potpourri tu. Cantik sgt dengan wangian yg harum.. hehehe

    from - Liya