Friday, November 13, 2009


Hello everyone!!
Candle holder at limited units availabe for sale..Only 2 colours available..fuschia pink and orange...complete with deco (as picture below)..material: thick glass (worth buying)..
U must be wondering wat shall u fill it with rite? let me suggest to u k:) If you're looking for a doorgift for ur guest, here are some tips: chocolates/sweets/candies and of course a boiled egg can easily fit in there..on the other hand, u can also use it as deco for ur room,table etc..all u have to do is just light up the candle in the glass..and...u'll see the light effect!! :P
So hurry,while stock last..feel free to text/call/email/ym!
YM! syiraz_lil_cottage

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