Sunday, December 20, 2009

Engagement Hantaran for Along

to my dear viewers,customers and friends...
sorry for the late updates ya...was really packed with hantaran&deco orders..alhamdulillah we managed to settle each n every orders on time..and most important, every piece of it was done nicely and beautifully,with passion of course!! hehe
Here's hantaran done for Along's engagement from Pasir Gudang,JB on 12.12.2009..Along is very lucky to have a mum like Pn.Norly..very understanding and sporting..
Pn.Norly and I discussed over abt the the hantaran theme.. and finally she decided on pink+white+purple..
Other than that,she leave it to me..tq for giving me the freedom to decorate ur son's hantaran ya:)

Sireh Junjung

..and here's the outcome..:) a combination of pink,white and purple..
Congratulations to Along and fiancee!!
and again..thank u so much kak..nice knowing u..:)

Jaselina@ 012-7365014

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