Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pink& White Hantaran

Hi everbody! Let's guess whether its an artificial or fresh flowers hantaran?? :)
Yups! Its an artificial hantaran using off-white n pink roses with white fillers..and yes :) white pearls were added in between em'...It's real perfect combining those flowers n accessories together with 'sweetie pie tray' create the english look out of it..Am glad that everyone who laid their eyes on these hantaran thought it was a fresh hantaran...huhu..*gotcha*:P

The Ring Holder

Thanks so much to Kak Zaa from Terengganu for choosing Syiraz Lil Cottage for her brother's engagement hantaran..Not forgetting, congrats to Kak Zaa's brother for being engaged :)


  1. Hi, it's a great blog.
    I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
    Keep doing!

  2. tq for dropping by come again:)

  3. akak..Lawanyee so sweet..
    gugup jantung fara melihat hahaha :D
    its really sweet :)

  4. hai jaz... nampak mcm real bunga2 tu.. hasil kerja yang bagus..

  5. jazz i luv this.hehhe sy rase sy nak tukar la amik artificial flowers.. so how much u amik sedulang ni - misha

  6. sweetla yg nie..nak lg 1 theme "hijau" saye nk bunge stokin..ok x k.jazz?..nadiah