Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Blue Engagement

hello viewers :)
here are some pictures on blue be specific, the colours involved were midnight blue,light blue and white..done for Huda's engagement at Perak on 27th February 2010...
if u noticed, we already posted the hantaran n doorgifts in our previous entry...
so now,we would like to share pictures on others such as;
hand bouquet, room deco, flower arrangements, candle stand and decorated baskets...also included in her order was..rental of quilt set (white emroidery with pearls)

Congratulation Huda & Edy!!
p/s: don't forget to gimme some of your photos on your E-Day! :)
Thanks again!

For more info and details,please do not hesitate to contact us:


  1. cantik la kak jas..ske sgt color biru..he..

  2. ske sgt first time dpt tgk brg2 nie...sgt cntik n puas hati..pnt nk jwb sume tnye saper yg wat bnda2 nie..hihi..lps stu,stu..hihihi..nyway..thanx kak jazz..

  3. hi. can you email me the quotation for fresh flowers hand bouquet, staircase deco, mini dais (if you provide this too), and hantaran with fresh flowers. Email me at Thanks so much!