Sunday, May 2, 2010

Black Silver Hantaran

Black and silver theme done for Mira from Port Klang...
Mira loves black so much..~black is beauty..i agree :)~
her concept was Gypsy! lawa tau...her jubah outfit was black, and of course she requested for more-to-black hantaran, hand bouquet - black silver (will upload in next entry), her invitation card was black too, gifts? yeah black butterfly as part of the deco (in next entry too)..
and many more black stuffs brightening her e-day im sure :)

Congratulations Mira & Hafiz !
happily ever after okay! hehe
regards to balkiz ...TQ to u as well :)


  1. memang cantek sangat3!!!! ramai yang ske..ramai puji..ramai berebot bubunge itam tuh..n..ramai lak yang soh mintak balek barang2 ni dr pihak ibu ta bagi amek balek....sangat sedeh....