Monday, June 14, 2010

Room Deco

A simple n nice room deco was done for Eeza's wedding on 5th June 2010..Eeza loves something which looks neat,simple ,not too crowded but at the same time looks sweet and exclusive...
and here was the outcome! :P

front view
flowers at bed end ...
pink and off white cushions with pearls were arranged side by side....
full bloom flowers frame as background

deco at the bed side table
two different designs of candle holders that suits her theme, flowers arrangements in long vase with fushia pink crystals dangling around it and a square table lamp

pink and yellow flowrers arrangements in round vase filled with stones...
and a pair of damask design candle holder :)

a large and a medium sized black candle with fuschia pink peonies around its base

white quilt cover set imported from aussie with pearls and embroideries


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