Friday, January 13, 2012

VIP Gifts - Personalized Canister

 Hola!! :)

If u would like something different yet elegant for your VIP during your wedding, we would highly recommend you these 'personalized canister'! its simply so cute and classy :)
Besides for wedding, it can also be given during any other event such as aqiqah, baby shower, birthday, farewell,corporate event & etc.

 So now, let's move to this so-cute one:) ordered by Dr. Hanis for her respective VIP's on her big-day 21.1.12..nice number yeah..pandai Hanis pilih date..hehe
knowing her, she loves pastel colour very much..pastel lover laa kirenye ni..ngee:)
so, she decided on peach n brown ..but we did add on a hint of lime green to make it look fresh and to bring out the english look as what she wanted..''english design ok sis'' :P

Thanks for the order Hanis:) 


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