Friday, October 9, 2009

Green Gold Vs. Yellow Black

Both hantaran done for Ninie & Lan from Senai & Kulai,Johor..Since Ninie's favourite color is green,she decided to choose that color as her theme for her W-Day..and for Lan, he finally decided on yellow&black theme for his beloved wife :) Thanks a lot to Ninie & Lan for choosing Syiraz Lil Cottage for being a part of their special day *wink wink*
Green&Gold-From Ninie to Lan

Yellow&Black-From Lan to Ninie

SMS received via hp: Sgt cantik!Very nice!Tq so much mum ckp 'lawanye ani'...i senyum je..Puas hati..:)

Really appreaciate d compliements ..TQ again ya!---SLC


012 7365014

ym! syiraz_lil_cottage


  1. Jes, TQ so much again..really nice or touch! all my frens n makcik2 ske hantaran green gold tuh..even my mum in law mntk i hold dl kt umh die til 18th nih nk tunjuk adk n kak long hubby xde rezki diorg, tgk pic je la..heheheee ;D my mum sgt puas hati n me too really2 happy..! tq..tq..tq..

  2. ninie:Thx to u and family ninie..selamat pengantin baru ya!:)