Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Purple & Gold Engagement

Greetings to all!!! A little update on purple & gold theme using white english tray for Fara's engagement at Klang..Such a sweet girl and I'm sure u guys wanna have a look at her pic rite? hehe:) (Later maybe..)Thank u so much to Fara for choosing Syiraz Lil Cottage..Not forgotting her fiancee, Shah...Thanx to u as well ya! Oh yea..check it out the hantaran from Shah to Fara..urmm..guess what was his theme?? Something different but its truly nice:P... be continued on next entry ...from Shah to Fara..cheers:)
*as per entry above*


  1. Very3 nice hantaran..everyone love it! it was so meaningful to me.. such a great event with gempaq hantaran..dr pagi sampai mlm senyum x sudah... like it so much..muaxxxx!!!!!!

  2. Alhamdulillah..:)Appreciate it so much..!im happy to give out the best for u guyz out there!