Friday, January 1, 2010

Yassin & Tasbih for Aimy Marissa's Aqiqah

Happy New Year everyone! :)
here's my 1st post..the yassin & tasbih as gift for the marhaban's group for Aimy Marissa's Aqiqah on 2nd Jan 2010..its really nice dealing with mama Zila ..lucky you baby aimy to have such a nice mama..hehe
finally, we got to know that Zila was my brother's ex-classmate in KGV,Seremban..wat a small world:)
the theme for baby Aimy's aqiqah is cream and pastel pink & green..
here's the yassin&tasbih,both are put together in cream lacey pouch,with a pink thank you tag ...

..and the pretty basket?? hehe...mama zila brought the plain basket and asked us to deco based on the theme mentioned earlier..get a close look at it okay! flowers all around the basket...pretty sweet aye? :)

We do offer services on flower girl's basket and such..

Jaselina @ 012-7365014

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