Friday, January 8, 2010

Tin Paint Favors

Source fr Internet
Something new for favors...yup! you guess it right..its a Tin Paint :)
I personally admire this kinda favors..its simple,practical and its special ..actually,i've been keeping the picture which was taken from Internet for quite some time..i really wish that one day i could share the pix with all of u readers and customers...
...and finally, my wish came suprise that i bumped into was totally the same tin paint which i always adore..hehe:) besides, dark chocolate...other colours available are gold,white,green,blue,purple,brown and tell you the truth, all of it seems very beautiful!

eg. 3 ferrero rocher chocolates may perfectly fill the tin paint can with chocolates,candies,potpourri,boiled egg,mini dodol and etc...
all you need to do is, make a choice on the color of the tin paint can...and just leave it the deco to can be customized according to your theme...!

eg. a boiled egg

a combination of dark chocolate & pink=pretty!
should try on it! :)

Anyone interested,do kindly contact us okay..

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